TMA supplies operationally critical passenger service products with an established logistics infra-structure to the Airline Industry including all national and international carriers of Australia and New Zealand, as well as airline operators, airport facilities managers and ground-handling agents in the Asia Pacific region.

TMA runs a dedicated Product Development and Support Team to maintain a high level of service quality with all their airlines customers. The Team provides professional consultation in product design and development with technical assistance in product maintenance and delivery performance. It also conducts ongoing research and development programs to ensure that TMA is leading the market in providing integrated and proficient solutions to meet varied or specific customer needs and technological advances. TMA deploys the latest technologies to bring our customers the best of innovations, including and not limited to:

TMA's products are International Air Transport Association (IATA) compliant and are produced to the highest industrial standard and quality. Our reliability and expertise in the airline industry is second to none.

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